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Take Daily for Travel- Mexico City

Who doesn’t get excited when they’re about to leave for a trip?! To me, it’s similar to the excitement I felt when I was a child who couldn’t sleep because a big field trip was coming up! I try to travel as often as I can. It’s a destressor for me- a chance to explore and experience a culture that’s not my own. I recently had the opportunity to travel to Mexico City for the FIRST time! I didn’t know what to expect or what to pack. Like many people, I try to plan for every scenario. From gym clothes (likely will not get used but great to know they’re packed), fancy dinner outfit, dressed for a night on the town, whatever scenario I can conjure up I’m packed for it. Sounds like a lot, right? Especially if you’re checking a bag. If you’ve ever flown you know the headaches a checked bag can bring. Which is why I make sure to fit everything into my Capsule Bag. Once you’ve landed in one of the world’s most congested airports (Mexico City) the last thing you want to do is delay the fiesta! And what a party it was. The culture, art and sense of community you feel as soon as you step out of the airport is breathtaking. From Coyoacan (think Frida Kahlo Museum) to Chapultepec (a park twice the size of NYC’s Central Park), there is an endless supply of wanderment. Mexico City is on every 2018 must see list and for good reason. But don’t just take my word for it, I’ll let the city tell it’s own story through my eyes.



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