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As a pharmacist with a love for design, I built upon the idea that medicine capsules help us be better so why couldn't a bag do the same? From aesthetics and materials used, I've designed Capsule with the same approach a scientist takes when they build a medication capsule. 

My goal is simple: Improve daily routine. Actively and consciously building a daily routine instills plenty of good habits. Whether we are starting our morning at the gym, living out of a suitcase or commuting to work, we all have a bag that helps us in our everyday lives. 

- Joey, Founder

Backpack, Duffel? Why Not Both?

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2 Bags In 1

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Ready For Any Adventure

Looks Can Be Deceiving

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"A good backpack can change your life!"

Stupid Dope

I travel weekly for work. The strap that goes over a carry-on handle makes my life so much easier. 

Joe D.

"I backed Capsule specifically for the removable bag. I love this idea!"

Joanna S.